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1 Piece Bathing Suit Cookie Cutter MEVZHVXYD

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Barnstorming Biplane Airplane Cookie Cutter Measures 4 3/4" X 2 1/8"The Biplane Shape Cookie Cutter is made from solid heavyweight copper, jointed using lead free solder.Made in the USA the Copper Biplane, Airplane cookie cutter is built for years of use. It also looks good hanging on a tree as an ornament. Great biplane silhouette.Perfect Barnstorming, Biplane, Airplane gift ideaPart of the Fussy Pup Aviation Collection

Looking for a treat for an aviation fan Why not bake up a batch of biplane cookies! Don't feel like baking ~ these make great gifts too. Who wouldn't love a biplane cookie cutter from a friend! Each cookie cutter is hand crafted in our workshop from heavy weight solid copper. This cookie cutter is built to last for many generations of cookie baking, fondant cutting, ornament making, or even use it for tracing quilt patterns. We're a small family business with a passion for creating cookie cutters. We sign each of our cookie cutters with a little makers mark ~ nothing fancy just a hand engraved mark from one of our four cookie cutter makers. Made from very heavy weight copper to maintain shape while using and storing. Great for gift giving or as a centerpiece to a cookie bouquet! Each one is slightly different from the next as they are formed one at a time and hand soldered using lead-free silver solder. Listing is for one cookie cutter.

1 Piece Bathing Suit Cookie Cutter MEVZHVXYD

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